Penomet Review – The What, Why, And How Of This Penis Pump

Is Penomet Safe to Use? For guys who are tired of male enhancement products that don’t work, here is something different. This is a scientifically-based penis pump that uses gentle suction to extend your girth and length over time. We are going to look at how it works and how effective it is, and you can decide for yourself if Penomet is the right way to go for you.

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How It Works

Penomet is a water-based pump. You can use it without water as well, but it won’t be as effective, and it could be more painful for some guys. The water in the pump opens up the blood vessels and allows for greater blood flow. That’s exactly what your penis needs, if it is going to grow bigger.

The gentle pumping and suction action stimulates blood flow and gradually increases your penile size. Over time, it can even increase your flaccid size. Do not expect to see instant results, and don’t think that you will experience incredible gains right after you start using it.

Instead, compare using the pump to working out. When you exercise, you don’t get great results right away. You tend to be sore after your first few workouts, and it takes weeks and even months to start seeing the gains you are looking for. This pump is the same way. You are probably going to be a little sore at first until you penis gets used to the pumping action. Your gains will start out small but gradually increase the more you use it. Just keep at it, and you might be surprised at your results.

Using the pump is quite easy. You take it in the shower with you, and you only need to pump for about 15 minutes at a time. At first, you will need a recovery time of about somewhere between 18-48 hours. Each guy is different, and your penile tissue may be more sensitive than others. Just give yourself plenty of time to fully recover before you start pumping again. The more you use the pump, the less downtime you will need.

The pump also comes in a one size fits all. No matter how big your starting girth, this will be a great fit for you, and you can even adjust it as you get bigger over time. Penomet Penis PumpThe Facts Every Guy Should Know about Penomet

 Because there are lots of products like this on the market that can cause problems and discomfort or that may not work like advertised, you want to make sure you are getting the facts before you try. Here then, are the facts everyone should know about Penomet before they try it for themselves.

  • Not everyone will experience the same gains at the same rates
  • On average, guys will gain about an inch in the first 1-3 months and a couple more inches after continued use.
  • This product is completely safe to use, though it may be uncomfortable at first
  • Penomet is incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon
  • Temporary results last for about 7 hours, so it is ideal to use it before sex
  • It can give you better orgasms an improved sexual performance
  • It can also be used to treat and cure sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

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Testimonials for Penomet

 Before you make a decision on Penomet, you probably want to hear how it has worked for other guys. We have pulled together some firsthand accounts for this product, and you can see for yourself what other guys experienced when they gave it a try.

Steve C. from Lansing, MI said: “I was hesitant at first, because I didn’t like the idea of attaching any apparatus to my penis, but this worked really well. I was seeing results immediately. They weren’t permanent or anything, but it got better and better the more I used it.”

Malcom H. from Cedar Rapids, IA said: “I was kind of sore when I first started using it. I couldn’t keep the pump on for very long. But the longer I used it, the more comfortable it became, and I started really loving the growth I was seeing.”

Ricardo N. from Lebanon, TN said: “It seemed like everything I had tried before to increase my size was not working. I had tried pumps, pills and whatever else was available. They were all either too painful or too ineffective. After giving Penomet a try, I liked what I saw immediately. I haven’t stopped using it!”

Is It Right for You?

Penomet is so in demand because it is so effective. It’s a pump that has been proven to work, and the reviews show that. This isn’t just something that only works in a lab. Real guys are getting real results.

Your experience might not be the same as someone else’s, but if you stick with it, you are guaranteed to love the results. Everybody gets great results from it eventually, so don’t be discouraged if you only see a little growth over a few weeks or if the results you get don’t last very long after each use. The more you use it, the longer the results are going to last each time.

This is a product that works better for you the longer you use it, so you will want to keep giving it a try, even if your initial results are not as spectacular as you may have hoped.

Also, be sure to buy it only from the manufacturer. There are plenty of cheap imitators out there, which is why the manufacturer stopped the coupon program it had going and now just sells the pump at the lowest possible price through its site. Buying from the site directly gives you full warranty coverage and the assurance that you are getting the real deal.

Give Penomet a try today, and I bet you will be just as happy with the results as the other guys who have tried it.

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