How Penomet Changed My Life

I have always enjoyed having sex and doing sexual things, but I have always had somewhat of a hard time coming to grips with the size of my penis. I felt that it was kind of short and not real thick; I was afraid that my wife wasn’t feeling satisfied with it and was going to eventually get fed up, leaving me high and dry.

I tried a number of penis pumps that I found at my local sex shop, with not much in the way of results other than a sore penis and even more sore hands to show that i had attempted to make my penis bigger and better. I gave up on ever reaching my goal of having a bigger penis.

One day, as I was talking with a buddy of mine (you know how us guys do) he happened to mention the Penomet. I thought he was crazy with a name like that, but once he explained it to me I was totally intrigued.

Although the conversation was a casual and joking type of conversation, I felt like my life was going to be changed forever. After doing some quick internet research and perusing the Penomet website, I knew what I needed to do. I quickly placed my order and waited patiently for it to be delivered to my home.

The Friday my Penomet arrived in its unmarked packaging, I was too excited to even think about how this would help my life. I unpacked the box that contained the cylinder, the gaiters (I was still confused about all of THAT), the DVDs and the manuals on exactly how to use it. The pump looked harmless enough and looked very easy to use, but I popped in a DVD to make sure that I was going to use it correctly. The DVD showed me different ways to do exercises and how to use the device to get the most out of it and the biggest penis possible. I went over the exercise plan and decided I would start using it the following Monday.

After beginning the 7 week exercise program, there was no stopping me and my Penomet. I used it faithfully everyday in the shower. It was so quick and easy to use, I hardly noticed it was taking up any of my time. The Penomet works much better in the shower or tub and allows me some extra time for shower thinking. I completed the program and saw results that I never could have imagined.

I continued using the exercises that were included with my DVD and continued to see results on my penis that I never would have believed were possible. The different gaiter sizes, the exercise plans for using them and the support of an excellent company helped me achieve enhancement goals that I never even knew I had.

With the use of the Penomet device and the exercises that accompany it, I was able to see excellent results and gain the confidence I had always longed for.

My wife also noticed the results the Penomet produced and since I’ve been using it, our relationship has never been better. We enjoy each other like high school kids and I no longer have any issues with self confidence about my penis size.

I would like to say that the Penomet has changed my life, but really it has just changed the way I feel about myself and my body. We don’t always have to live with the body we are given and the Penomet proves this by allowing us to work hard and get the penis enhancement results that we want.

Penomet has boosted my self confidence, allowed me to stop worrying about my penis size and allowed me to please my wife the way I know she wants to be pleased. I no longer worry about her leaving me due to my size and have not felt incompetent for a very long time.

Penomet allows me to have confidence in myself, my penis size, my sex life and my relationship. It has changed the way I think and feel about my entire life and has improved many different aspects that I never could have even imagined.

If you are considering changing the size of your penis, don’t take extreme measures and opt for surgery. Don’t try to tug it into a longer position or take magic pills that don’t work. Don’t hurt yourself with traditional penis pumps, simply do what I did and change your life with the Penomet.

It was worth every penny and I wish I could tell every man on the earth (because, face it, we’re ALL a little insecure about our penis size) about this product and how it could change your life, just like I let it change my life for the better.

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