How to Keep an Erection Longer?

One of the most effective ways to keep an erection is to use a constriction ring.

Here’s how the ring works with the pumps:

After using a pump, you will have an erection. A constriction ring will keep the blood in the penis. It also decreases the sensation, allowing for longer performance.

If you think about what happens when you squeeze the tip of your finger, the sensation of touch is less intense. It will also swell temporarily. That is the same effect that you can expect from the constriction ring.

These constriction rings are commonly known as “cock rings.”

They are used not only by average guys who want to maintain their erections longer, but also by porn stars during movie shoots, for precisely the same reasons.

One of the main reasons that this is important is because, obviously, you cannot wear a penis pump during sexual intercourse. The constriction ring keeps the blood in the penis.

Many penis pumps come with constriction rings in the packages. The rings that come with the pumps are simple, soft rubber rings that are placed at the base of the penis.

There are also several designs of rings that not only keep the blood in the penis and keep the erection going, but also contain stimulators for a man’s sexual partner.

Many of the rings that are available contain vibrators, often with soft nubs of rubber, for stimulating the clitoris, labia or anus.

There are some designs that are rubber ties. They are rubber tubes that are doubled over and have a small rubber lock. This is pulled tight on the penis, similar to a man’s bolo tie.

When using a penis pump to help create an erection, having a constriction ring to maintain the erection is very important. Even if you did not receive a ring with your pump, you should get one as soon as you can. There will be no point in getting an erection if you can’t maintain it long enough to make love to a partner.

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