Why Buy Penomet Penis Pump?

Millions of men around the world are concerned about the size of their penises and various devices to promote a bigger penis have been designed to appeal to this huge market. Besides pills and potions there are a number of penis pumps which use vacuum force to enlarge the penis over a period of use. If you are looking to buy this article will give you more information.


About Penomet Pump

Your penis is divided into three chambers, two on the top (the corpora cavernosa) and one on the bottom (the corpus spongiosum) through which you urinate and ejaculate. When you get an erection the brain releases a hormone which sends blood to your penis and fills the corpora cavernosa. The blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa fill to the maximum which gives you an erection. The bad news is that when the corpora cavernosa are full of blood that’s it. That is as big as your erection is going to get.

The good news is that the size of the blood vessels in your corpora cavernosa can be increased by using the Penomet pump which means more blood which in turn means a bigger erection. The more you use the pump the bigger your blood vessels become which allows more blood to fill the tissue. It’s rather like body building for your penis.

When you buy Penomet it comes with five different gaiters which can be changed from week to week permitting your penis to grow up to 65% faster. The pump is filled with water and then sealed at the base. The water is then expelled using the Penomet pump system, which creates the vacuum into which the penis can grow. It can be used for 20 minutes a day.

Penomet Before And After

You will see gains in the first couple of weeks, both in length and in thickness, and that some users have had gains of an inch in the first month. Dedicated users can expect gains up to a total of 3 inches or more and a 50% increase in girth.

You also can get an erection very quickly after having had an orgasm. Most men have an orgasm and are finished for the night; with this penis enlargement system you can very quickly “pump it up” as little as five minutes after an orgasm.

If you look around the internet you will see various Penomet pump reviews. One reviewer on Amazon said that the pump makes him feel large and instils confidence. Another said that he has had excellent results but that you do have to commit to using it. He had done a lot of research so knew what to expect but he was very happy with his purchase.

Still another said that his penis is now 2.25 inches longer and his girth had increased by about an inch. He did say that you have to use it regularly (as do most users) but that after six months his gains are permanent.

If you want to buy Penomet you should check out the price on the internet. You may well find that you can get a penomet discount. The manufacturers say that they are so confident in their product that they offer a full one year guarantee. Return it at any time within 365 days and you can get your money back.

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